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Mrs. Monroe's Tremendous TK Class!

I have anxiously been awaiting to take my students' hands, open their minds and touch their hearts♥ . I believe that my extensive variety of experience will make me an excellent teacher for your child. I have worked with a diverse set of student populations throughout my career which includes teaching kindergarten, first grade bilingual Spanish and second grade, over a span of nine years. I have assisted in Resource with Special Education students for eight years which has helped me become quite adept at differentiating instruction to meet students individual needs. Additionally, in working with preschoolers for the past two years, I have flourished in developing students cognitive, emotional, social, physical and creative abilities. My teaching philosophy is that all students should feel successful every school day! I will foster their self-esteem by providing endless amounts of praise and encouragement. I believe that student engagement and motivation need to be a top priority so that they will be excited to come to school. My ultimate goal is for students to feel safe, confident, and accepted. I feel honored to be a part of your child's first school experience. My ultimate goal is for students to feel safe, confident, and accepted. I am a passionately dedicated educator which shines through in my sensitivity, humor, and warmth towards my students.


Hooray for TK,

Mrs. Monroe