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About Us

Palm Lane Charter School empowers students through a well-rounded education focusing on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Using STEAM as a theme, we incorporate inquiry-based instruction along with state of the art technological advances molding productive citizens and proficient learners ready to address 21st century challenges.


iSTEAM is a daily instructional block dedicated to hands-on, STEAM-focused learning where students, starting in transitional kindergarten, engage in meaningful study and the hands-on application of STEAM concepts on a daily basis.





All instructional materials will be aligned to the California State Adopted Standards and there will be an active incorporation of technology tools in the classroom.

Character Development

Daily time is set aside to build a positive school climate through the lessons taught through the Medal of Honor Character Program provided by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. In addition, we focus on a restorative justice approach, providing an effective alternative to punitive responses to wrongdoing. Inspired by indigenous traditions, it brings together persons harmed with persons responsible for harm in a safe and respectful space, promoting dialogue, accountability, and a stronger sense of community. As part of the daily schedule, Academic Reflection allows students to revisit their student portfolios, prepare for student-lead conferences, and set aside time for them to access their academic grades by using the Student Information System platform. This time allows students to reflect, set attainable goals and discuss data with their teacher, as well as, their family thus bridging the communication between home and school life for each child and family.

Growth & Learning

Students are flexibly grouped and provided targeted instruction. Our students come with different academic levels and the Academic Support period allows teachers to differentiate and support students in order to meet their academic needs, while allowing students to use data and reflection to guide their progress. Our data driven decision-making culture and is applied in multiple school areas/disciplines: assessment, differentiation, teaching strategies, professional development. This analysis of data enhances communication with all stakeholders by sharing with families their child’s progress, as well as, provide a student-centered goal setting and reflection practices that nurture self-direction and inform students of their choices.